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Female travel alone to galway

hope it won't be awkward ...

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April - may will be the time that i would love to travel tot Galway.
The only bad news is that i have to go alone.
I just had a break-up with my boyfriend so he isn't coming with me.
Also my friends would rather go to spain or italy.
But i've been tot spain and italy more than once and now i'd love to see Ireland.

I have some questions and hope that somebody can answer me.

Do you have any tips for sleeping at night (and no to expensive)?
Is it safe for a Belgian 23 year old girl to travel alone to Galway?
Here in belgium i am a party animal :-) but is it a good idea to go alone in a pub?
I am a little scared that people won't talk to me or only talk to me if they have other intentions than only talk...
To visit things during the day i am not scared. Because when you are alone, you will see a lot more of the nature and the monuments and stuff.
But i'm worrying about eating alone en going alone to a pub (if it's recommended) that it will be verry awkward ..

Hope somebody can give me a good advice or share there experience with me ...


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